Bilt-Hamber hydra-wax

Bilt Hamber hydra-wax

hydra-wax is the most satisying product to apply to your paintwork

hydra-wax is an incredibly easy-to-use last-stage treatment. The backbone is provided by high-grade carnauba wax to give a rich deep gloss, while other additives are used to aid ease of application and buffability. This product will continue to bead water long after more expensive sealers, paste waxes and so-called nano-coatings have failed.

This product has been designed to be enjoyable to use, with easy application, satisfying buffing, no abrasives, and no dust produced - it's guaranteed to give the most satisfying waxing experience ever!

Hydra-wax is available in a 500ml bottle for £22.95

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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