Bilt-Hamber finis-wax

Bilt Hamber finis-wax

Finis-wax is a superior carnauba-based last-stage treatment to provide a high-gloss protection for highly finished automotive paint systems. The carnuba wax provides a rich deep shine, plus other gloss-enhancing molecules are included to increase ease of application and buffability.

Finis-wax outperforms other more expensive carnauba based waxes, when used after cleanser-fluid. Inferior waxes rely heavily on the use of oils to plasticise the wax film, but which reduce the properties of the waxes in the formulation. Finis-wax does not use any materials that reduce the effect of the carnauba wax.

Finis-wax is available in a 250ml tub for £29.95

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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