Bilt-Hamber cleanser-polish

Bilt Hamber cleanser-polish

Cleanser-polish is an award-winning all-in-one resin-based emulsion polish that will dramatically improve lightly oxidized paintwork, help to remove small scratches and minor defects, and will provide a temporary last stage protective film - use after claying to produce an optically clear, deep rich shine.

This product is very easy to use both in application and buffing, and will provide a finish which is resistant to environmental attack and is smooth, glossy and friction-free.

Where stone-chip damage penetrates to bare steel you should use it in conjunction with auto-balm.

In a July 2011 article in Practical Classics magazine comparing polishes, Bilt-Hamber cleanser-polish was awarded "Best Buy" after achieving maximum possible marks!

Cleanser-polish is available in a 500ml bottle for £14.95

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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