Bilt-Hamber auto-wash

Bilt Hamber auto-wash

Auto-wash is an innovative vehicle shampoo which has been specially formulated to be highly powerful, yet friendly to the environment - allowing you to clean your paintwork effectively with the minimum of effort. The powerful surfactants create a high foam level, lifting particulate matter away from the paint, and reducing the risk of scratching or damage.

Auto-wash does not contain any ingredients which corrode steel, which means that it can be safely used on vehicles which have stone-chips or areas of exposed metal. It's also highly concentrated - you can shampoo a vehicle using just a single teaspoon of auto-wash, meaning that you can get many more washes from a smaller bottle.

Auto-wash does not contain any unnecessary additives, such as silicones, waxes, colourants, perfumes or thickeners, so your vehicle's paintwork will be as clean as possible in preparation for following stages in your bodywork maintainance routine.

Auto-wash is available in a 300ml bottle for £8.95

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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