Bilt-Hamber auto-foam

Bilt Hamber auto-foam

Auto-foam is a high-quality water-based foaming pre-wash treatment, which has been specially formulated to provide maximum wetting in order to soak and saturate soiled paintwork prior to the use of vehicle shampoo. The surfactants will penetrate and attack the toughest of dirt and grime without needing manual intervention.

Auto-foam will panel-dwell for typically five minutes, bonding the road-grime with its blend of surfactants, and lifting the dirt away from the paint surface ready to be washed off, thus preventing damage and paint swirling during subsequent detailing procedures. It's tough on soil and grime, yet harmless to paint, and is biodegradable.

Auto-foam is available in a 5 litre container for £14.30

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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