Bilt-Hamber auto-clay

Bilt Hamber auto-clay

Auto-clay is used to remove embedded particles of contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving their durability and creating a glass-smooth finish with subsequent waxes. Contamination can consist of industrial pollution, metallic particles from rail dust or brake dust, or non-metallic substances such as tree sap, insect residue, or bird droppings. Even brand-new vehicles can sometimes suffer from paint contamination.

Auto-clay is available in three grades - regular, soft, and medium. The regular grade is useful for removal of moderate to heavy contamination, for instance if the vehicle has not had auto-clay used before. The soft grade is designed for more frequent use for people who regularly maintain their vehicle's paintwork. The medium grade is a general purpose grade for all-round use. All the grades contain the same size of abrasive particles.

Bilt-Hamber auto-clay has won the Auto-Express magazine clay-bar test three times, getting "Best Buy" most recently in 2011.

Auto-clay is available in 200g packs. Soft and medium grades are priced at £10.95, and regular grade is priced at £9.95

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

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