Bilt Hamber finis-wax
Bilt Hamber cleanser-polish

Based in the UK, Bilt-Hamber Laboratories are formulators and manufacturers of award-winning surface-care and protection products. Originally producing products for the marine and aeronautical markets, they now also have a wide range of revolutionary car-care products.

Award-winning products

Auto Express Best Buy

Bilt-Hamber products have won numerous awards including the "Best Buy" award from Auto-Express magazine for their clay-bar three years running, a "Best Buy" from Practical Classics magazine for their cleanser-polish after getting the maximum possible marks, and a "Best Buy" from Car Mechanics magazine for their Heavy Duty Citrus hand cleaner, which has previously won awards from Practical Motorhome and Classics Monthly.

The following Bilt-Hamber products are available from K300 ltd.

Call 0161 355 1275 to order.

Applicator Pad90mm£1.25
Auto-Clay (regular)200g£9.95
Auto-Clay (soft)200g£10.95
Auto-Foam5 ltr£14.30
Auto-Mitt1x Cleaning Pad£9.95
Deox-Gel5kg tub£39.95
Dynax S-50750ml Aerosol£12.95
Dynax S-505 ltr Jerrycan£39.95
Dynax U/B1 ltr£10.95
Dynax U/B750ml Aerosol£12.95
Dynax U/B5 ltr Spray£39.95
Etchweld500ml Aerosol£8.95
Etchweld1 ltr£17.45
Etchweld5 ltr£56.45
Electrox1 ltr£23.44
Electrox400ml Aerosol£10.95
Ferrosol500ml Aerosol£6.95
Finis Wax250g£29.95
Heavy Duty Citrus Hand Cleaner5 ltr pump£13.95
Hydra Wax500ml£22.95
Hydrate 80500ml£12.95
Hydrate 801 ltr£22.95
Hydrate 805 ltr£87.40
Surfex HD1 ltr£5.95
Surfex HD5 ltr£13.95
Xylene (thinner)500ml£5.10
Xylene (thinner)1 ltr£7.65

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